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COVID-19 update letter for current parents

Dear Parent,


As you can appreciate this is a very difficult and challenging time for nursery. We are keen to re-open and welcome back our children at the earliest possible opportunity. In light of COVID-19 guidance, we MUST ensure this is done safely and with every manageable risk managed effectively. As a direct result of ensuring health and safety is in place for all staff and children returning, as well as you as parents, Bright Lights will NOT be opening until Tuesday 9th June.  If we can source supplies to ensure health safety earlier than this, we shall be in touch again.


We have risk assessed for the return of some of the children as best as we possibly can for now and, no doubt as time goes on, we will learn and make changes to improve practice in line with new and upcoming government guidance.


There are key pieces of information that you, as a parent, NEED to be aware of:

  • Opening hours - Nursery will only be open between the hours of 9am and 3pm
  • Arrival and departure - Dropping off and collecting will be done using a time slot for collecting and hand over of children and will be done at the gate, rather than parents entering the setting. Only one adult is permitted to approach the nursery gate to drop off/ collect. It is important that you are not early/late for collecting your child as this may cause unwanted congestion at the gate/ car park. If someone is waiting, please wait in your car and we will be as quick as we can.
  • Feedback – We will not be giving verbal feedback but will provide you with a written slip in your child’s bag detailing all of the handover information for you. You are welcome to call nursery if you have any questions.
  • Staff rotation groups – Staff will be working in groups and, therefore, your child may have someone who is not normally working in their nursery room looking after them.
  • Meals – your child will need to have breakfast prior to arriving at nursery and bring with them a cold healthy lunch box, with fruit for am and pm snack. Nursery will NOT be providing any food/ snacks at this time.


We completely understand that deciding whether to send your child back to nursery at this stage is an extremely difficult decision and many of the parents we have contacted have decided not to send their child back at this point.  Some parents will have no choice and they have to send their child back due to work commitments, whilst others may be able to keep their child at home. Due to the situation we will continue to monitor attendance. However, rest assured low or non-attendance at this point will NOT affect your child’s nursery place with us.


There is no possible way that we can accommodate all children in the setting whilst adhering to the current government guidelines. Therefore, we have decided to prioritise our children of key workers, working parents and vulnerable children in the first instance.


Should this phase go well, we will be looking to offer spaces to the older pre-school children who are of school age (Due to start in September) so they get some time in the setting before the summer holidays. We have not planned any further than this at present and will continue to plan as time goes on.


What will nursery look like for your child?


  1. Firstly, your child will be in a shared ‘bubble’ with the same staff and children during each session. Staff and children will not cross over into another bubble.
  2. The rooms will look very different in that lots of hard to clean resources/soft resources have been removed.
  3. Although we will talk to children about social distancing, it is impossible to expect them to be able to do this at such a young age. Generally, children do not have the inclination of personal space, and it would be unfair to expect them to do this and to expect staff to be able to manage this.


What if a child or adult shows signs of COVID-19?


If a child or adult in the ‘bubble’ shows signs and symptoms of COVID-19 the entirety of the bubble will be expected to go home immediately and will not return until 14 days isolation is completed or a negative test has been achieved.


We want to reassure parents that we have risk assessed the whole of the setting. I do appreciate that we are living during very difficult times at the moment. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the management team via telephone or email.


Stacey Whitehouse (Manager- working from home)


Emma Hickman (Acting Manager – working at nursery)


Kind Regards

Stacey Whitehouse

(Nursery Manager)

  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm Term Time ONLY