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We support your child to...

Here at Bright Lights Day Care, we support every child with their development. We provide opportunities where children can play and explore freely both independently and with adult support where needed. The needs of every child are paramount and we hone in on children’s needs and interests to make available opportunities to enable the children to be stimulated and thrive in the environment.

We aim to support children to develop holistically and gain experience in a multitude of areas. We pride ourselves on our open ended play opportunities and allow children not only to use their imagination but to let them develop it to its fullest potential.

When we support children to become school ready we:

  • Introduce the theory of numbers counting, recognition of written numerals, number representation
  • Explore mathematics looking as shapes, sorting, grouping, sizing, developing numerical language and context.
  • Develop writing skills by teaching correct posture (Kinetic writing animal positions), developing grip and fine motor skills.
  • Socialisation - We encourage positive relationships and support children with the skills to make and retain friendships and bonds with both children and adults. Children become confident and have increased self-esteem.

This is just the tip of the iceberg... there is so much more to nursery than just play!




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  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm Term Time ONLY